1. Besides the compulsory subjects like (i) English, M.I.L. and (ii)Environmental Education, a candidate shall offer any four elective subjects from grouping under (iii) A or B or C.
  2. Duration of course : The syllabus for 2 year course of each subject shall divided  in to two parts namely 1st year and 2nd year carrying 100 marks each. The college will conduct one examination at the end of the 1st year class of +2 course and the council will conduct the examination at the end of 2nd year class of +2 course. The result of a candidate will be determined only on the performance of the candidate in the Council examination to be held at the end of the 2nd year course.
  3. The pass criteria : The pass criteria for the Examination shall be follows:-
  1. Subjects with Practical : 30% of the total marks is fixed for practical examinations and the remaining 70% there of for theory. A candidate has to pass separately both in theory and practical examination . Pass marks in Biology shall be calculated taking together the %marks secured in both and Zoology ( addind the marks of Botany and Zoology)
  2. Pass marks shall be 30%of total marks in theory paper & 40% of the total marks in practical paper, in each subject with 35% of the marks in the aggregate.
  1.       Courses structure and subjects of Examination and the maximum marks in each subject shall be as follows:-



Subject                  marks                1st. year          2nd year

                         I.(i)English                  200(two hundred)       100                 100

                             (ii)M.I.L.(odia)       200(two hundred)        100                 100

                              Provided that the council may in special circumstances permit a candidate to offer alternative papers in English of a higher standard than required in (i) above in lieu of M.I.L (o) paper , standing reasons.

  II. Environmental Education (EE)

                         Notes:- the above subject will be assessed at the college level for 100 marks (70 marks for theory and 30marks for project work)at the end of 1st year of +2 course and the grades ( A,B,C or D in order of merit) are to be awarded by the college and the same shall be recorded in the certificate given by the council; subsequently. The grade secured in the Environmental Education (EE) will not affect the result of the candidate.

        Marks                                                                              Grade

   Above 70%                                                                             Gr.A+

  Above 60%                                                                             Gr.A

 Above 50%                                                                               Gr.B

Above 35%                                                                                Gr.C

Below  35%                                                                                Gr.D



III.A. Subjects of Examination for Arts stream (seats-192) (out of the following six groups of subjects, a student shall have to offer only four elective subjects each carrying a maximum of 200 marks i.e. 100 marks for 1st year and 100 marks for 2nd year)

  1. Political science-                                192(Sanctioned strength)
  2. History-                                                192(Sanctioned strength)
  3. Logic-                                                    128(sanctioned strength)
  4. Economics-                                          192(sanctioned strength)
  5. Geography-                                           48(Sanctioned strength)
  6. Odia-                                                    128(sanctioned strength)

B. Subjects of Examination for Science stream(seats-64)(Each elective subject carrying a maximum of 200 marks i.e. 100 marks for 1st tear and 1oo marks for2nd year)


2. Chemistry

Either Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’ third and fourth elective subjects.(Seats and combinedly for both group)

Group-A                                        Group-B

3. Mathematics                         3.Biology

4. Biology                                    4.Mathematics

C. Subjects of Examination for commerce stream (Seats-64)(Each elective subject carrying a maximum of 200 marks i.e. 100 marks for 1st year and 100 marks for 2nd year)

1.  Accountancy

2. Business studies & Management

3.Business Mathematics & Statistics

4.1st year                             2nd year

Fundamentals of

Entrepreneurship      &  Cost Accountancy